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Healing Heart Reiki

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Chalice of Power

Join Dailey for the Full Moon and Full Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday night, working with the essential energies of the heat in our lower cauldron, or chalice.

Wednesday January 31st @ 7:00PM

$37 includes a Power attunement during the ceremony, and an Anointing oil for your belly/solar & sacral plexi to invoke the energies gifted during your journey, and strengthen your personal power at any time through the year. We will:

*Connect with your authentic power source.

* Receive a Power Attunement/Transmission

* Heal Your Power Story

Play in the beautiful energies of the universe, and connect with Goddess and higher self.

Bring: A journal, a light fabric or veil, and a favorite crystal or item representing your intended year.  

If you need clarity going into 2018 and you feel a call to the Goddess, please join us for this work. Everyone is welcome. Male or female, experienced or new. Wear something comfortable in which you also feel powerful. Space is Limited. RSVP required. 

Your Payment, Below, Secures your RSVP, and you will be placed on the list.

  $37 via paypal (below) 


 $35 if by cash or check (text/call to arrange). 

Contact Dailey with questions: 707-322-9637