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A Little Update

Posted by healingheartreiki on April 17, 2017 at 10:10 PM

It amazes me that it has been almost a month since I last wrote here! Things continue to be busy at Healing Heart Reiki. It takes daily dedication to establish the foundation of energy in our new spot, which I so easily took for granted after working from the same space in Railroad Square for shy on a decade. 

Outside in this new and beautiful place, the wildflowers are blooming as the spring rain continues. Inside, I still have 20 boxes of fabric, admin, and crafting materials to unpack. Small things continue to slide into place. We now have a chopping block for the kitchen, which now effectively allows for 4 work stations if we choose to do summer creative herbal classes.

This morning my son awoke sneezing and blowing his nose. It felt good to cook up a vat of hot soup in an iron cauldron. My Reiki practice continues to teach me that everything is energy, and I've learned to allow the upwelling of lovingkindness I develop in my Reiki practice to overflow in all of my healing efforts. I stirred soup with intention. I allowed Reiki to flow from me as I listened to my son's needs. Sometimes he loves when I simply lay hands on with Reiki. This morning my inner listening, developed from decades of daily practice, told me that what he needed most was lavender essential oil massaged into his temples and head. Between that and soup, he was just fine by dinner. 

It's easy to wait for dis-ease to show up before taking action. However, the more deeply we slow down and listen ahead of time, we can nourish into our lives and prevent illness from even occuring. I read an article about a woman who was 117 years old (She as actually born in the 1800s!). What really struck me is that she took time and listened to herself. She trusted her inner authority.

This afternoon I caught up with myself, flipping through paperwork on my desk at a snail's pace. I chose not to rush, instead, listening within for what creativity--what gems and insights--might come up if I could simply translate the loving attention of my Reiki practice into the practice of my everyday life. I discovered deep appreciation as I did this. This world is a colorful place filled with miracles. We choose in every moment whether we want to trudge ahead relentlessly with thankless determination, or rest our sights on those miracles and give thanks as our future unfolds.



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