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Dreams of Temples

Posted by healingheartreiki on June 28, 2017 at 11:30 PM

This morning I awoke from a lovely dream. I was entering a beautiful ancient temple, with white walls shining in the sunlight. There was a lake to my left, around the outside of the walls. Through the great pylon existed an indoor/outdoor space with green palms and other plants growing in raised rectangular troughs. The space was cool and shaded, with nicely finished mud-brick. There were priests and priestesses doing various things, the way you'd feel walking onto a college campus, where everyone is going somewhere, you just don't know where. Priest/ess was a title as functional and practical as garbage man or food server; everyone was in their trade.

Nobody really cared about my being there. Some people glanced curiously because I was wearing my nighties. But as I walked forward, I knew I'd been here before, in this physical place, many hundreds of years ago. My body remembered it as a safe and loving place, and my mind was tickled, but having trouble recalling everything. Snippets of friends, teachers, and events were there and gone before I could catch the memories.

All I knew was that this place was purely good. It was purely devoted to fostering great joy and inspiration for its people. The Priests and Priestesses, the students and officials that this place produced, were touched by this light and believed that goodness was possible in their greater country despite jealousy, human fear, and political corruption.

This isn't some long-lost utopia. It was a place grounded in a real world, just daring to be bright. We have places like this today! For some of us, we received this same kind of transmission of love and safety from our public schools. Grade schools, trade schools, universities, libraries, they are just as sacred as our churches and mosques. This transmission of love and hope that comes through these places is so worth fighting for.

We may not all have the energy to be the activists we dream of, but keep taking actions, little actions each day, to encourage that transmission of love. Those actions might be political phone calls, but they may also including thanking the teachers of your children, or donating a meal to your librarian staff, or stopping to witness when people are burning out, and letting them know it's okay. Our humanity is what will heal us.

This vibration of love is not abstract. It is a real thing, just as powerful as any weapon, and yet when our love is wielded with true intention, it weaves together rather than destroys.

Hope and love are just as powerful--no, MORE powerful--than fear. In a time where fear is trying very hard to reign, let us not forget.


*pic is excavation of Nippur Temple & scribal training center in Sumer

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