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3 Reiki Tips For Holiday Health

Posted by healingheartreiki on December 11, 2016 at 7:55 PM

It is a quiet Sunday and I am curled up near the heater in my office, typing by twinkling x-mas lights. I feel the positive energy of the season beginning to pour in. Someone asked me the other day about what Reiki looks like in my personal life. At this time of the year, Reiki is my NUMBER 1 DEFENSE for the natural stresses of the holiday season. Here are 3 ways I use Reiki in December!

1.  REIKI THE EARS- I've noticed in years past that this is the time of year my son gets sinus infections and colds. I think it has to do with the buildup of sugar from Halloween and Christmas, combined with the emotion and physical body stress of the changing seasons and accompanying expectations.

I Reiki my son's ears and temple for 5 minutes almost every day. When I started doing this, I noticed it reduced his stress levels and allowed us to communicate better about our needs. I also Reiki my own ears. When my ears are exposed to cold weather, my thoughts are more scattered, and my chi-force dissipates. You can Reiki your ears and temples for 5-15 minutes a day to keep the energy flowing and electroagnetic field in the head center in alignment.

2. REIKI THE PORCH- Okay, honestly, I Reiki the whole house! But this time of year, I make a pretty solid habit of sweeping my porch two or three times a week. It's a tiny porch. I live in an appartment. But when I sweep, I draw in Reiki and use the broom as an extension of the energy coming from my hands.

Remember, this pure life force transmutes and brings to wholeness what is disconnected. In Feng sui, the front of our house is a powerful gateway for new energies coming into our lives. Sweeping the porch with positive intention creates a strong magnet for good energies and positive experiences with friends and loved ones over the holiday season.

3. REIKI THE WALLET- It's so easy to spend mindlessly! We've got commercials showing us a million things we don't need. Also, our hearts swell with love and appreciation for people, and we want to buy them everything. While this may not pose a problem, I've found that in my life, it's too easy to end up in January with a depleted wallet and a heart full of love.

Two years ago, I started regularly clearing my wallet of extraneous "stuff" once a week, and sending Reiki into my wallet every day. I hold my bank cards one at a time, and send them violet Reiki light, giving thanks for my abundance and asking for wisdom in how I spend. Doing this has shfited my relationship to money at the holidays. I no longer buy out of guilt, and I often find myself naturally attracted to fantastic gifts for myself and others. Since regularly Reiki-ing my wallet, I've had increased peace of mind around finances, and less stress during holiday shopping.

I hope you find these tips useful! Are there ways YOU use Reiki during the holidays?  Join us on Facebook and let me know!



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