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Basic Rights & Birthday Prayers

Posted by healingheartreiki on December 1, 2016 at 10:00 AM

Basic Rights & Brithday Prayers

I can't believe that December is here already. I am ready for a magical month. It's my birthday month, and as I face another year of age and growth, I look around at the strange state that our country is in. People are demanding justice, respect and freedom in the most basic ways. They're saying, "Please don't judge me because I'm Muslim. Please don't assume I'm bad and shoot me because I'm Black. Please don't take away my land because I'm Native American. Please don't fire me from my job because of who I love. Please don't tell me you can grab my p*ssy and disrespect my rights because I'm a woman. Please don't take away my rights to my own body."

Well then. Happy Birthday, me.

I find it deeply ironic that on one hand there are Americans saying:

"I can't believe there's so much pain in this country and that we can be this divided! People need to stop complaining. It's going to be okay. We all need respect. We all matter."

While at the same time there are Native Americans today in North Dakota being tear gassed, concussion grenade bombed, and media-silenced in an extravaganza that has involved over 75 different government agencies including Amnesty International, and garnered international attention for these severe abuses perpetuated by an economcically empowered corporate conglomerate since April 2016. All these Native Americans are doing is standing up for their basic rights, in this case clean water. Yes, they are asking for clean water to not be taken from them in their homes America, and they are being met with militarized war tactics.

Here we have people who have been systematically minimalized and erased by our governement, and who, after the documented genocidal actions of our country in the late 1800s, have tried to live positively and create value in America despite injustice, in order to keep alive their people. I mention this heavy topic because I believe we can no longer close our eyes and say we're amazed at America policies. We can't ask people to stop complaining when there is so much pain across the board, in people of various races, identies, and orientations. The whole world is watching us and mourning. We can mourn too, but we must stand up for the values we would like this country to uphold. We can be scared of what we're seeing, but we can't afford to stop looking at what's happening. We've got to look, so we can figure out how to clean it up, or how to replace it.

Your ONE voice really does make a difference. I read an article the other day about a law enforcement official that refused to bring his officers to protect the North Dakota pipeline because of the thousands of letters he received from the people. "As an elected official, I serve the people, so I must listen," he said. 

When I was 16 I was invited to an activist camp to learn how to organize. When I was 21 I accidentally ended up with a 'file' in the FBI and CIA. I didn't do anything (It's a really LONG story). I often joke I'm the most uninteresting activist with a file you could ever find. My activism is through beach cleanups, loving nature, and opening up our healing hearts. My activism is through love. Love is my weapon. It is my medicine. It is my cure.

I'm emotionally sober, heading into this birthday, and thinking of ways I've been asleep at the wheel. On the outside I've had a lot of levity, but within, my seriousness is stark and deep. I see people doing whatever they can to wriggle away from the reality of unrest in the community around them. Shopping like mad, staying especially ebullient, they close their ears to the disturbing suggestions that we're repeating history in the worst of ways. "This is how Hitler rose," people whisper, pointing to documented proof of people in power in the USA who believe what Hitler believed.

I have friends who are drinking themselves silly in an attempt to block out the surreal nature of this year. Others are popping pills, or getting lost in materialism in order to feel good and get the endorphins flowing. My step-father, clean-and-sober from alcohol for 14 years has been talking about alcohol again with longing. I recognize this as him feeling the stress, wanting a reprieve from life's themes. Friends sit on the couch and get lost in Netflix for hours so as not to be with their thoughts. Surrounded by illusion, people run to deeper illusion-inducing habits as a crutch.

I want to roar, like a lion, with all of the right words, but inside, I don't think it's a time for words. It's really a time for people to feel their truth, and find their own way to their light. I want to say, "Don't act like a victim. Don't act beaten. Find your heart pumping blood in that body and DO SOMETHING. Go back to jogging in the mountains. Go dancing. Go yell at a protest with your community. Put your anger to good use. Put your fear to good use." I have two friends who made their way out east to stand with the Standing Rock Sioux, living their beliefs in direct action. I have several friends who have been organizing and protesting this past election on the political front. Others of us gather in the evening, hands held, and sharing our wisdom. We meditate to get clear. We run healing energy and light for protection. We are sending magick across the connected web to bring about the best outcomes. We are all searching our hearts to understand where things went so wrong.

As December begins, I don't see things as wrong at all. Everything is in divine timing. We forget that strife is also an important part of life. The bud of the flower must burst open, pushing its way through green stem. I founded Healing Heart Reiki to help people find their joy, and to heal the world one heart at a time. I believe that in times of unrest we must continue to forge these deep connections within our hearts, our bodies, and our environments. The more we awaken these loving connections, the LESS we will need words, because we begin to resonate with each other on the same plane of understanding. Where words would keep us in ego, we can feel empowered in our bodies and begin to relate togethere in empowered ways. Fear, then, can be dealt with. Without that primal fear trigger, our differing perspectives can then find common ground.

I'm in my 30s. I started forgetting what year I am. Sometimes I tell people my age but I am two years forward, or three years back. I have colorful memories & dreams of people I've never met, and then I go to the office and there they are, introducing themselves to me for the first time in this life. I already have answers for them and we haven't even exchanged names. Yet in my own life I'm working on answers for myself (just as they are). I am not living in linear time, except in the most basic of ways. I feel so, so old, and so, so young all at once. Like a child, I wonder why there must be so much suffering. Then, like an old woman, I see the beauty of how we love each other and learn to love ourselves through the rejecting and embracing one another.  I see that suffering should not be denied but in fact it is more like necessary salt bringing out the deeper sweetness of a divine, complex life.

My birthday prayer is, please let this sober awareness of this time anchor me without making me bitter. Let me stay connected to this hope and love for humanity through my next solar return. 


Dailey A

Rev. Dailey Little, RMT

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