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Reiki in Every Household

Posted by healingheartreiki on January 8, 2017 at 1:55 AM Comments comments (1)

This morning 16 of us met for the monthly ReikiSHARE in the old stone building at Railroad Square. The new SMART train was testing as usual, and the occasional sound of the train’s horn floated up to our morning healing sessions like nostalgic jazz released from the confines of musical pentameter.


Sometimes I feel sentimental about this place. Built to last, the Historic Western Hotel building made it through the 1906 earthquake, witnessed Santa Rosa’s shift from industrial age to the age of technology, and here it still stands, housing bohemians, healers, coffee addicts, and other professionals.


I’m happy to start the new year here, though my sentimentalism is caused by knowing that soon I’ll have to move. I hear it on the wind. Okay, literally, I hear it every time the train blares. Reiki doesn’t need to happen in a quiet environment; healing will occur either way. But I feel my internal shift as an energy practitioner, away from the transformative magic of the railroad crossroads, and into a new phase of deep creativity. Soon, soon, the time will be here. The train horn calls me to action.


I have a dream of Reiki in every household. A hundred years ago, people would have laughed at the idea of cell phones. Now we see them as a necessity (and really, they aren’t!). A hundred years ago, nobody had heard of a Chiropractor, and those who had, thought they were unreliable and possibly even scam artists. Today, almost everyone knows what a chiropractor is, and the general consensus is that sometimes they’re extremely helpful.

These experiences we take for granted today were birthed in the minds and hearts of regular people who had big dreams. It took more than one dreamer. It took many, together, creating a movement that shifted the landscape of our future. Those first dreamers are often seen as crazy. When there is enough momentum, they are seen as weird. When the energy has caught, they are seen as savant. When the energy is established, they are normalized.


In my heart I reflect on the beauty of energy work, and I know that it’s time for us, as light workers, to create the cohesive movement that will make energy work a household reality. Everyone should have the basic skills to heal themselves and others.


I see Reiki as a skeleton key. That is, I see that Reiki is deceptively simple and through its grace and simplicity offers all of the basics that a person needs to know in order to do fantastic healing work and live a mindful life. But. . . the teacher matters. There’s no overarching certifying body of Reiki, and not all teachers teach these basics. Many don’t recognize the power of basics, because it’s much more interesting to do the advanced work. I feel you have to learn your alphabet before you can spell, and if you skip over half of the letters, you’ll never be a great writer. In our American consumerist rush for quick fixes and instant gratification, we’ve forgotten how important the basics are.


Metaphysical work is varied, rich with wisdom, and yet why should we master astral projection or telekinesis if we don’t understand what these gifts can do for our inner state of happiness and communal well-being? We’ve got to begin with the basics, and stabilize well being in our real, day-to-day lives. Reiki is excellent for doing just that.


Today 16 of us held hands, activated light energy, and received healing. Some of us laughed. I saw tears too, but the good kind. I looked at people I love and adore who didn’t see me watching them in deep conversation, and I felt the gifts of community. I felt so lucky to be in this space witnessing not only magic stones and portals, but the magic of friendship, kindness, forgiveness, and—essentially love. We’re not witches in the burning times, here in Santa Rosa, California. We don’t have to hide our inquisitive nature, or our natural blossoming gifts for connecting with life force. We have freedom to explore all that the universe has to offer. With that freedom, we’re awakening a great, shining light from within.


That’s a pretty nice beginning of a movement, for Reiki in every household, I’d say.


Rev. Dailey Little, RMT

Healing Heart Reiki 

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3 Reiki Tips For Holiday Health

Posted by healingheartreiki on December 11, 2016 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

It is a quiet Sunday and I am curled up near the heater in my office, typing by twinkling x-mas lights. I feel the positive energy of the season beginning to pour in. Someone asked me the other day about what Reiki looks like in my personal life. At this time of the year, Reiki is my NUMBER 1 DEFENSE for the natural stresses of the holiday season. Here are 3 ways I use Reiki in December!

1.  REIKI THE EARS- I've noticed in years past that this is the time of year my son gets sinus infections and colds. I think it has to do with the buildup of sugar from Halloween and Christmas, combined with the emotion and physical body stress of the changing seasons and accompanying expectations.

I Reiki my son's ears and temple for 5 minutes almost every day. When I started doing this, I noticed it reduced his stress levels and allowed us to communicate better about our needs. I also Reiki my own ears. When my ears are exposed to cold weather, my thoughts are more scattered, and my chi-force dissipates. You can Reiki your ears and temples for 5-15 minutes a day to keep the energy flowing and electroagnetic field in the head center in alignment.

2. REIKI THE PORCH- Okay, honestly, I Reiki the whole house! But this time of year, I make a pretty solid habit of sweeping my porch two or three times a week. It's a tiny porch. I live in an appartment. But when I sweep, I draw in Reiki and use the broom as an extension of the energy coming from my hands.

Remember, this pure life force transmutes and brings to wholeness what is disconnected. In Feng sui, the front of our house is a powerful gateway for new energies coming into our lives. Sweeping the porch with positive intention creates a strong magnet for good energies and positive experiences with friends and loved ones over the holiday season.

3. REIKI THE WALLET- It's so easy to spend mindlessly! We've got commercials showing us a million things we don't need. Also, our hearts swell with love and appreciation for people, and we want to buy them everything. While this may not pose a problem, I've found that in my life, it's too easy to end up in January with a depleted wallet and a heart full of love.

Two years ago, I started regularly clearing my wallet of extraneous "stuff" once a week, and sending Reiki into my wallet every day. I hold my bank cards one at a time, and send them violet Reiki light, giving thanks for my abundance and asking for wisdom in how I spend. Doing this has shfited my relationship to money at the holidays. I no longer buy out of guilt, and I often find myself naturally attracted to fantastic gifts for myself and others. Since regularly Reiki-ing my wallet, I've had increased peace of mind around finances, and less stress during holiday shopping.

I hope you find these tips useful! Are there ways YOU use Reiki during the holidays?  Join us on Facebook and let me know!



Rev. Dailey Little, RMT

Healing Heart Reiki 



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HHR December Classes & Events

Posted by healingheartreiki on December 3, 2016 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (0)



Dec 3rd Practitioner ReikiSHARE (last one of the year!)

Dec 3rd CD Release: 10 Tips To Thriving in 2017

Dec 3rd ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE (1-4:30PM) Come to the Open House!!!

Dec 13th Full Moon Ceremony: Your Amazing Wish-Come-True Future

Dec 17th Reiki I Training

Dec 18th Reiki II Training

Winter Solstice is on the 21st

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."– Nelson Mandela

Happy Holidays!

Basic Rights & Birthday Prayers

Posted by healingheartreiki on December 1, 2016 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Basic Rights & Brithday Prayers

I can't believe that December is here already. I am ready for a magical month. It's my birthday month, and as I face another year of age and growth, I look around at the strange state that our country is in. People are demanding justice, respect and freedom in the most basic ways. They're saying, "Please don't judge me because I'm Muslim. Please don't assume I'm bad and shoot me because I'm Black. Please don't take away my land because I'm Native American. Please don't fire me from my job because of who I love. Please don't tell me you can grab my p*ssy and disrespect my rights because I'm a woman. Please don't take away my rights to my own body."

Well then. Happy Birthday, me.

I find it deeply ironic that on one hand there are Americans saying:

"I can't believe there's so much pain in this country and that we can be this divided! People need to stop complaining. It's going to be okay. We all need respect. We all matter."

While at the same time there are Native Americans today in North Dakota being tear gassed, concussion grenade bombed, and media-silenced in an extravaganza that has involved over 75 different government agencies including Amnesty International, and garnered international attention for these severe abuses perpetuated by an economcically empowered corporate conglomerate since April 2016. All these Native Americans are doing is standing up for their basic rights, in this case clean water. Yes, they are asking for clean water to not be taken from them in their homes America, and they are being met with militarized war tactics.

Here we have people who have been systematically minimalized and erased by our governement, and who, after the documented genocidal actions of our country in the late 1800s, have tried to live positively and create value in America despite injustice, in order to keep alive their people. I mention this heavy topic because I believe we can no longer close our eyes and say we're amazed at America policies. We can't ask people to stop complaining when there is so much pain across the board, in people of various races, identies, and orientations. The whole world is watching us and mourning. We can mourn too, but we must stand up for the values we would like this country to uphold. We can be scared of what we're seeing, but we can't afford to stop looking at what's happening. We've got to look, so we can figure out how to clean it up, or how to replace it.

Your ONE voice really does make a difference. I read an article the other day about a law enforcement official that refused to bring his officers to protect the North Dakota pipeline because of the thousands of letters he received from the people. "As an elected official, I serve the people, so I must listen," he said. 

When I was 16 I was invited to an activist camp to learn how to organize. When I was 21 I accidentally ended up with a 'file' in the FBI and CIA. I didn't do anything (It's a really LONG story). I often joke I'm the most uninteresting activist with a file you could ever find. My activism is through beach cleanups, loving nature, and opening up our healing hearts. My activism is through love. Love is my weapon. It is my medicine. It is my cure.

I'm emotionally sober, heading into this birthday, and thinking of ways I've been asleep at the wheel. On the outside I've had a lot of levity, but within, my seriousness is stark and deep. I see people doing whatever they can to wriggle away from the reality of unrest in the community around them. Shopping like mad, staying especially ebullient, they close their ears to the disturbing suggestions that we're repeating history in the worst of ways. "This is how Hitler rose," people whisper, pointing to documented proof of people in power in the USA who believe what Hitler believed.

I have friends who are drinking themselves silly in an attempt to block out the surreal nature of this year. Others are popping pills, or getting lost in materialism in order to feel good and get the endorphins flowing. My step-father, clean-and-sober from alcohol for 14 years has been talking about alcohol again with longing. I recognize this as him feeling the stress, wanting a reprieve from life's themes. Friends sit on the couch and get lost in Netflix for hours so as not to be with their thoughts. Surrounded by illusion, people run to deeper illusion-inducing habits as a crutch.

I want to roar, like a lion, with all of the right words, but inside, I don't think it's a time for words. It's really a time for people to feel their truth, and find their own way to their light. I want to say, "Don't act like a victim. Don't act beaten. Find your heart pumping blood in that body and DO SOMETHING. Go back to jogging in the mountains. Go dancing. Go yell at a protest with your community. Put your anger to good use. Put your fear to good use." I have two friends who made their way out east to stand with the Standing Rock Sioux, living their beliefs in direct action. I have several friends who have been organizing and protesting this past election on the political front. Others of us gather in the evening, hands held, and sharing our wisdom. We meditate to get clear. We run healing energy and light for protection. We are sending magick across the connected web to bring about the best outcomes. We are all searching our hearts to understand where things went so wrong.

As December begins, I don't see things as wrong at all. Everything is in divine timing. We forget that strife is also an important part of life. The bud of the flower must burst open, pushing its way through green stem. I founded Healing Heart Reiki to help people find their joy, and to heal the world one heart at a time. I believe that in times of unrest we must continue to forge these deep connections within our hearts, our bodies, and our environments. The more we awaken these loving connections, the LESS we will need words, because we begin to resonate with each other on the same plane of understanding. Where words would keep us in ego, we can feel empowered in our bodies and begin to relate togethere in empowered ways. Fear, then, can be dealt with. Without that primal fear trigger, our differing perspectives can then find common ground.

I'm in my 30s. I started forgetting what year I am. Sometimes I tell people my age but I am two years forward, or three years back. I have colorful memories & dreams of people I've never met, and then I go to the office and there they are, introducing themselves to me for the first time in this life. I already have answers for them and we haven't even exchanged names. Yet in my own life I'm working on answers for myself (just as they are). I am not living in linear time, except in the most basic of ways. I feel so, so old, and so, so young all at once. Like a child, I wonder why there must be so much suffering. Then, like an old woman, I see the beauty of how we love each other and learn to love ourselves through the rejecting and embracing one another.  I see that suffering should not be denied but in fact it is more like necessary salt bringing out the deeper sweetness of a divine, complex life.

My birthday prayer is, please let this sober awareness of this time anchor me without making me bitter. Let me stay connected to this hope and love for humanity through my next solar return. 


Dailey A

Rev. Dailey Little, RMT

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Posted by healingheartreiki on November 27, 2016 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

This morning I'm going into my office to prepare the space for the Open House next weekend. I'm such a raw, sensitive person that when I feel joyful and full, it almost hurts. Right now my heart is overwhelmed and overflowing with thankfulness for the incredible people in my community who have been so vulnerable with me, always bringing their hearts, their smiles, their deep questions. I am often approached and thanked for the work I do, but I have no words for the level of deep appreciation I feel within. I learn SO MUCH from all of you. Every breath I take, I am aware of the people on my news list, and in my circle, living their lives each moment.

This year held a lot for all of us. I received calls this year from two different families wherein my client had passed on (aka, died). I think because this is a business, people may assume that there are limits on my level of emotional committment, that I don't remember the work, or that the things befalling you outside of session do not affect me, but I bleed with all of you.

Honestly, while in session if I channel, I WILL forget details, but I NEVER forget the energy. I never forget the feeling of your heart, of your dreaming self, and the shining beauty of your unfettered soul. When you leave I wish you well, and in gentle spirit, I often wonder what has happened for people. If I don't hear, I always assume the best. But when I do hear of death or struggle, my higher self holds the light for you, and my human self mourns with you.

I think that's a good thing. It's a very alive way to be. When someone dies, I mourn. When our children become adults and go off to college, I sweat behind the scenes, sending light. When you have received work raises, published books, created art, written new music, reconciled with family, made peace, found love-- my soul sings for you. Your success is my success. There's word for that: Mudita.

Perhaps one would think a "healer-ish" way would be to step into NEUTRAL and not feel such attachment. Buddhism teaches that attachment creates desire. Desire forges connection. In fact, I love desire and connection; they are such human experience. I believe those feelings of connection make us stronger as a community, and make me stronger as a practitioner. This year there were multiple marriages in our community. There were some big career changes too, and a few people who stepped out of deep depression back into the colorful swing of joy. My heart swells with love for these things.

In the sacred space of session work, it's a necessity for me to find neutral and rise above my ego investments in order to access the channel. In sacred space, I work as hard as I can to see beyond the immediate challenges to the long karmic cycle of your whole soul's existence.

The spiritual channel is filled with so much wisdom and insight, it's worth it to put aside desire to access this deeper vision IN SESSION. At the same time, it's my deep appreciation for your humanity, your struggles, your light AND your shadow that compel me to do this work. My human self is in adoration for the strength of our community, and the very human, loving way, I see us reaching out and holding one another when things come up in life.

Some of you work tirelessly in jobs advising, supporting, and providing the basics for others. Then there are you crazy nomads who are constantly crossing the globe on a solitary mission. I love and follow you all. I have been behind desks for 14 hour days doing work in tight spaces and changing hearts one-by-one. I have also been the international traveller picking up foreign languages and using everything at my disposal to create new bridges where there was none. I've connected with heads of state and beggers in the same day. I've lived by the fire of my ego. I've also lived humbled in my heart. Through these experiences I'm convinced there is linear experience and NO RIGHT WAY. There are only creative choices hopefully fueled by love.

Perhaps I'm rambling a little bit. This morning I'm going into my office to decorate for the open house. I don't know who will be there in a week, at the Open House. In past years I've worried about being alone. But this year I feel the tangible connection of a thousand hearts doing the work accross the country. Some of you I know can't be there, but. . . but you ARE, through this thread of love. You are not alone. Neither am I. We are witnessing each other making incredible causes for good fortune and happiness. We are witnessing each other learning. As a community, we are strong.

Sending you love. ~ Dailey 

Dailey Little

Healing Heart Reiki

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CD Release! 10 TIPS TO THRIVING IN 2017

Posted by healingheartreiki on November 26, 2016 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)


Tonight I'm listening to one of my favorite musicians, and I'm excited because Yerevan and I have completed our own CD. It's not music, it's an audio recording we did while high on life and love through the spirit channel.


Filled with details about useful flower essences, herbs, and crystals to support the energies of 2017, the CD really does cover a lot. Yerevan plugs in some helpful astrological tips, explaining how to determine what in your chart is being affected. I added my own insights around living the spiritual life. We even deconstructed the 10 Commandments featured in the bible, looking at these ideas of right living and what empowered living looks like from a non-religious perspective in a year rife with karma and transformation.

This 2-CD set is available now, via my website: http://www.santarosareiki.com/2017-tips.

BONUS: The first 20 people will receive a special VIP bonus event in January where they'll get the opportunity to ask whatever personal concerns may be up for the new year. At the January event (most likely held in a private zoom room online), we'll look at the specifics of timing, political revolution, and more. It's a good night.


I'm full of the love of my closest friends, and even though my heart bleeds for so many things happening in the world right now, I recognize that this is the time for us as spiritual beings to rise up, wake up, and live our heart truths.

Martin Luther King Jr once said, "One of the great liabilities of history is that all too many people fail to remain awake through great periods of social change. Every society has its protectors of status quo and its fraternities of the indifferent who are notorious for sleeping through revolutions. Today, our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change." I find myself asking, How will we face the changes coming? What will these changes reveal about what is within us?

In some ways I think the audio CD holds the foundational mindset for entering into a revolutionary year. I hope you'll take a listen, and that you find it helpful.


Dailey A. 

Rev. Dailey Little, RMT

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Our ANNUAL OPEN HOUSE Is Approaching! December 3rd!

Posted by healingheartreiki on November 9, 2016 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Join us at Healing Heart Reiki for our:

Annual Holiday Open House!

This year we are again teaming up with SKIN ADDICTION SPA & APOTHECARY for an afternoon of fun:









The Healing Heart Reiki Studio offers classes in Reiki, Spirituality & Metaphysics year round, as well as private sessions, full moon circles, and random community fun. Bring a friend and say hi!


Location: Healing Heart Reiki

10 4th Street #216 (above the Flying Goat)


Date: December 3, 2016

Time: 1PM-4:30PM


Rsvp so I know to expect you!


Dailey Little


Full Moon Ceremony: Cacao Brew for Strength of Heart

Posted by healingheartreiki on November 6, 2016 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi all! I hope you'll join me for this Full Moon in Taurus. This will be such a beautiful night. I am already creating a special essence formulation for the evening, and I think it will be a lot of fun, and very powerful for us to weave an energetic brew together, with options to sprinkle in just the medicine necessary for your personal cup.




As I have continued to witness the developing situations around Standing Rock, and other important movements like Black Lives Matter, and Occupy, I have no doubt that we as a country are opening to deeper emotional intelligence. There has been a lot of pain this year, and you may have felt it too, as a malaise or uncomfortable low feeling in your heart and energy field.




The Taurus moon brings an earthy energy that can help ground our emotions into helpful processes that will resonate into next year. For this month's ceremony, I'm pulling out the Guatamalan Ceremonial Cacao for a very gentle ceremony to help us transmute the watery scorpio energy of the month into divine Gratitude that can allow us to awaken our inner strength.


I love the Cacao for bringing insight. As we stir the pot together, bringing in coconut milk, almond milk, flower essences, honey, roses, bee pollen, song, prayer, or other treats for our personal drinks, we're really calling on our earth allies and ancestors to awaken a strength that has always been within us. We are warriors, all.




As we head into the holiday season and family/friends gatherings, we'll need strength in our hearts to filter out personal ego and welcome in joy. Let's heal our hearts together.


This also brings so much healing and support to the social movements of our time.


The light we create in sacred space is a balm for the collective pain of our country.


DATE: Tuesday November 15th @ 5:30 PM.


BRING: Your favorite drinking mug, a pillow to sit on. A journal. Dress comfortably. We'll begin with a meditation and move into interactive ritual.


PAYMENT: $37 (or $35 if paid in cash). Payment secures your rsvp. You are welcome to pay at the event link: http://www.santarosareiki.com/full-moon-ceremony-nov-15


Please RSVP ahead of time, as space is limited. :-)


love & blessings,





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