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October Reflections

Posted by healingheartreiki on October 3, 2017 at 1:45 AM

October has arrived. For me this is always a magical month; it is a month of initiation and transformation. When I was a young girl, I received my Buddhist intiation during this month, making a vow to consciously create value in my life. An October many years later, I received my initiation as a Priestess of Isis, standing before two wise women who, with shining eyes, passed on the blessing of a spiritual, energetic and blood lineage unbroken since Ptolemaic Egypt. My life was never the same again.

I am a brave woman. I face life with excitement for the challenges presented, seeing these as gifts. October has always held my greatest blessings. My child was born in an October. I have pushed the edges of my personality, of my heart, and witnessed my deeper Becoming as a spiritual being.

This October, I see the accelerated pace of the changing world around me and, like many others, I am tempted toward deep sorrow for the sheer amount of pain and suffering we are able to witness so easily due to technology. We are not really meant to see the suffering of the entire world at our fingertips, but now that we can, we must find ways to open our hearts even larger in compassion for this precious, transient world. 

Who knows what initiation will come for me this October. One year I was initiated through new love. Another year I bore life and still another, I lost it. Everytime, there is transformation.

I find myself staying close to the earth. I have thrown myself down into the grass, cheek pressed against daisies and clovers. I've let the ground hear my beating heart, and I've slowed my entire life down this year, aware that this winter holds--for all of us--big transformation. Big change. Slowing down, I feel power gathering in my veins as my spirit becomes still and focused. I want to share the delight and bliss of all that I feel brewing within, but it's not yet time. Parts of me are still coalescing.


Summer has passed quickly, and as fall sets in, I continue to teach Reiki classes, absolutely in love with how powerfully they awaken and catalyze my students. I sit quietly with private clients, hearing the song of the universe swirling around them as they open and share their journey with me. I fall in love with their bravery and vulerability. I love this work more and more each day.

Slowing down, I feel new things brewing underneath my skin. Animal totem medicine that I thought was gone, stirs and awakens in me. Sleek tiger prowls beneath my skin. Yellow butterflies dance in my third eye. Maggots eat away the decay of old stories, old desires, and deep wounds, before being cleared out by birds dancing through my guts and heart. They pick away all that is not of me, helping me to know my boundaries as a psychic, so I can pulse with new life, filled with golden blessings. October has come.

It is a time to become still, and to listen within. This is what Spirit says to me in the dark, quiet night, and so I listen. I look forward into October, curious about what new initiation awaits in the dark.

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