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2017 Reiki Master Training Program Highlights

New Reiki Masters will be able to study the Master materials before our weekend, allowing for deep spiritual immersion into the work during the retreat, entraining into the pure vibration of life.

The Apprenticeship that follows will include audio recordings on common challenges for new Reiki Masters, as well as energetic empowerments meant to stabilize and support the path to mastery once you have returned home.

Reiki Masters are invited to co-teach, lead a share, 

and receive support in developing their own body of creative work, 

whatever that may be. 

Artist, writer, revolutionary, lightworker, scientist. . . 

Reiki dials you deeper into your true path. 


Hi, I‘m Dailey, the founder of Healing Heart Reiki. Reiki Master is the final level in traditional Reiki. In it, Reiki II practitioners are taught the master symbols and trained in passing attunements. It is a deep, beautiful process that opens you fully to the flow of Reiki as old karma is lovingly released.  The real benefit of Reiki Master is a deeper connection to your spiritual truths and a sense of empowerment.

The Reiki Master level does not offer “instant mastery." True mastery develops over time. Instead, Reiki Master is a rite of passage. It acknowledges your personal commitment to consciously working with life force in the spirit of love, wisdom and compassion--in whatever unique way that manifests for you! This final rite is offered via is a two part class, requiring two eight-hour days.

Included in your tuition is a 1-year Apprenticeship, offering a firm foundation of energetic understanding and internal self-discovery through four audio recordings, a personalized Reiki map of special projects, and support from Dailey as needed in completing those projects, for the rest of the apprenticeship year. 

The Reiki Master Class can be taken without the apprenticeship, which is optional. However together the Master Class & Apprenticeship create a full program for students with a willingness to carve their own unique pathways in Reiki. The full program is for the rebels, record breakers, explorers, and light workers who want to do more with energy work beyond mainstream concepts of Reiki. 

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